My Inspiration for this Blog

I teach English at high school level. As any of your teacher friends and family will tell you, teachers put in some long days. So much for 6th period ending at 2:30!  Teachers attend IEP meetings, sponsor after school clubs, do tutoring sessions, participate in curriculum planning, and many other things.  Additionally, I try to commit to yoga practice at least twice a week, and I have two dogs who demand a thirty minute walk in the evening.  By the time I get home and start dinner, I’m so tired and hungry, but that’s not unusual in today’s world.  However, I cook dinner almost every night and my leftovers go to work with me as lunch. My colleagues often marvel at my ability to cook dinner each evening.  Therefore, with some encouragement from one colleague in particular, I decided to create a blog to show how I manage to come home “so tired and hungry” and get dinner on the table.