If you are going to have a sandwich for dinner, you should make it something special. A good muffuletta from Central Grocery in New Orleans is one of my favorite sandwiches. This version certainly brings back memories of my last trip to Central Grocery and makes me long to return to New Orleans where the best food in the world can be found.


  • ciabatta bread
  • mortadella
  • salami
  • ham
  • Swiss cheese slices
  • provolone cheese slices
  • olive salad

Assemble the ingredients for the muffuletta.

Muffuletta ingredients

Bake the ciabatta bread according to the instructions on the package. Spoon olive salad one slice of the bread.

Assembling the muffuletta

Place the meat and cheese on the bread.

Muffuletta–ready to eat

Put the sandwich together and enjoy.

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